Car Insurance

Car or auto insurance is essential for any vehicle on the road. You never know when an accident will happen but having the right car insurance will ease your worries when you get behind the wheel. CoWest Insurance Group-DTC has been helping the car, truck, van and SUV owners of Centennial choose the right coverage for their need for many years.

Car insurance for your needs.

CoWest Insurance Group-DTC offers a number of different types of insurance for your vehicle. There are comprehensive packages which can be tailored to your specific situation depending on the level of coverage you desire.

Here is a brief overview of some of the coverage options CoWest Insurance Group-DTC provides the motorists of Centennial.

Liability Insurance: If you get into an accident with another insured car as a result of your actions then this is the insurance you need. The insurance covers the cost you would pay for property damage and medical expenses if you injure the other party.

Collision coverage: Where liability insurance covers payments to the other party, collision coverage is for your vehicle. In the event the collision has rendered your car damaged beyond repair then the coverage reimburses the value of your vehicle.

Comprehensive coverage: This is for when your car is damaged outside of a collision. Theft, weather damage, fire – acts of God or acts of vandalism this is the insurance that covers it.

Personal Injury Protection: If you or a passenger are injured in an accident this will cover your medical expenses.

Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist Protection: Though all motorists are legally obligated to insure their vehicles not every vehicle on the road is insured. If you get into an accident with an uninsured car or a car that is not insured enough to cover the accident then this protection makes sure that you are financially secure.

If you have any questions about our coverage then please feel free to contact us at 720.457.9457
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Mobile Home Insurance

A mobile or manufactured home is a home just like any other. It is a place to live and raise a family and just like any home you want to make sure that when unforeseen circumstances arise you and your family are protected. CoWest Insurance Group-DTC knows that we are not just insuring houses but homes and peoples futures. That is why we offer many different packages to find something that fits the needs and budget of our Denver clients.

CoWest Insurance Group-DTC: making sure your Denver mobile home stays protected.

Like most insurance policies, there are different levels of protection when deciding on what insurance is best for you. Here are the three main forms of coverage to consider when insuring your mobile home.

Mobile Home Insurance - The Structure

Fire, lightning, high winds, falling objects, explosions and more- there are many threats to your home and happiness. The policy covers not only the mobile home but also detached structures on your property such as a shed or standalone garage.

Mobile Home Insurance - Personal Property

To make a home truly your own it needs to be marked by your personal stamp. Décor, furniture, clothing, entertainment systems, electronics, appliances- these are things you have which give the atmosphere that this home is yours. Unfortunately vandalism, theft, fire and the like can take these things away from you. When this happens you will be relieved to know that financial help is just a call away.

Mobile Home Insurance- Liability

Your property is your responsibility and that includes the people who visit it. If someone injures themselves on your property then they can claim you as being legally responsible for their injuries - leaving you with a hefty bill to pay. Liability insurance is there to help you pay for these expenses so that you don’t have to pay out of pocket. For a medical bill or a court case CoWest Insurance Group-DTC’s mobile home liability insurance has you covered.
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Homeowners Insurance

To protect your future you need to protect your present. Homeowner’s insurance is there to make sure that your home is covered in cases of theft, fire, storms and vandalism because when the unexpected happens you don’t want to be left holding the bill.

Whether you live in Highlands Ranch or anywhere across this great country it is always good to have a safety net. Your home protects you from the elements, keeps your family warm and is the place where many of your most cherished memories are made. CoWest Insurance Group-DTC is here to help the homeowners and home buyers of Highlands Ranch find the coverage that works with their budget and lifestyle.

Homeowner’s insurance: what you need to know.

There are a number of factors that insurance providers consider when prescribing an insurance package.

First there is the age of your home. Depending on how old the components of your home are your insurance rate will be higher or lower. This is because old equipment has more potential to be hazardous. For instance, old pipes are more likely to crack and older electrical systems have a higher chance to malfunction.

Another factor is the heating system you use. Forced air furnaces or electric heat pose less of a risk than oil heating but the age and condition of your tank is also important to make an assessment. Wood stoves offer many benefits to a home but also bring in potential danger such as fires and carbon monoxide poisoning so wood stoves increase coverage costs.

Of course, certain areas are safer than others so where you live is also a determining factor. Insurers keep track of policies by area and if you live in an area where there are frequent claims made then your insurance will need to reflect that.

CoWest Insurance Group-DTC: your homeowner’s insurance specialist in Highlands Ranch.

Though insurance companies have to consider many factors when insuring a home, CoWest Insurance Group-DTC knows the right questions to ask to streamline the process. If you have any questions about homeowner’s insurance or the services we provide then contact us at 720.457.9457.
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Life Insurance

Without a doubt, life insurance is the most important insurance to have. But there are many people in Highlands Ranch that do not have it. It is true thinking about the end of one’s life can be uncomfortable but, when it comes down to it, life insurance is not about you but those you leave behind. Make the right choice and find a life insurance plan that is right for you.

CoWest Insurance Group-DTC your life insurance specialist in Highlands Ranch.

'How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.'- George Washington Carver

As we all know, life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Accidents happen and unforeseen events occur and the question is, 'will you be prepared for what may come?' This is the basic idea behind all insurance, whether it is auto, health, business or life insurance.

For life insurance you need to know that when your time is at hand that the people you care for are secure. Their minds will be filled with many sad thoughts – figuring out how they will pay for the expenses should not be one of them. We understand these concerns and do everything within our power to find the right insurance for our clients.

CoWest Insurance Group-DTC: life insurance made easy.

Many people want life insurance but are unsure if they can afford it. This is where CoWest Insurance Group-DTC comes in. We diligently work with the people of Highlands Ranch and their budget to get them what they are looking for. For a consultation or to answer any questions you may have please call us at 720.457.9457.
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Individual Health Insurance

Whether you are unemployed, self-employed, a part-time worker, or simply looking for better health insurance, everyone deserves a health care plan that addresses their needs. Here at CoWest Insurance Group-DTC, we are dedicated to working with each one of our Denver clients to find a plan that gives them the coverage they need at a cost they can afford.

Why do I need health insurance?

Health care costs have risen significantly over the last several years. Most Americans would be financially devastated by any serious injury or illness. In exchange for a relatively tiny monthly premium, an insurance company guarantees that you will have the money to pay for the health care that you need without worrying about bankruptcy or financially ruining your loved ones.

What should I consider when choosing a health plan?

Finding a health insurance plan that strikes the right balance between your needs and your ability to pay can be difficult. Here at CoWest Insurance Group-DTC, we will help guide you to find the best coverage for your situation, but there are several things to consider that will help you to understand what kind of health insurance you need. The first thing to consider is how often you anticipate using health care services – it obviously makes a big difference whether you have a condition that means you often see doctors or you just plan to use health care services in the event of an emergency. Almost as important is the amount of money in your budget you can afford to spend on healthcare. In some cases, it might make sense to have a higher deductible and lower your monthly payments. Finally, you should consider whether you are eligible for any federal tax credits or cost-sharing reductions to help pay for your costs, as these may be able to significantly improve your individual health insurance plan. We understand how complex this is, so that is why we recommend any Denver residents looking for individual health insurance give us a call so we can help determine the best plan for you.
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Renters and Condo Insurance

Many people who live in an apartment or condo mistakenly believe that the building owners’ insurance will cover them in the case of an emergency, then only find out too late that the insurance just covers the building itself, not their possessions or liability. If you live in an apartment or condo in Denver, you need to make sure that you have the coverage you need. That’s where CoWest Insurance Group-DTC comes in.

What do renter insurance and condo insurance cover?

Both renter insurance and condo insurance are designed for people who live in shared buildings that contain other homes. Both policies cover the cost of replacing your personal property in the case of damage or theft. Both policies also offer liability insurance, which covers you in case you are held personally responsible for another person’s injuries or for damage to their property. Condo insurance provides one additional type of coverage, which is insurance coverage for parts of the condo building which are owned directly by you and not covered by the condo association’s property insurance.

Are my expensive items covered?

Nearly all of your property will be covered for replacement cost, after your deductible. However, certain very valuable items, such as jewelry, heirlooms, or expensive professional equipment may not be covered by your standard policy. If you own items with a very high replacement cost, let us know. It may be advisable to add a separate insurance rider to your policy that will provide you with coverage for those items.

Do I really need renter insurance or condo insurance?

Most people are surprised to learn the full replacement cost of all the property that they own. It may seem like you do not own very much, but when you think about replacing furniture, clothing, footwear, appliances, electronics, sporting equipment, musical instruments, and other common items, the cost rises very quickly. A few dollars per month spent on renter insurance or condo insurance can prevent a loss from becoming a financial disaster.
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RV / Boat / Motorcycle Insurance

The insurance specialists at CoWest Insurance Group-DTC have been providing boat, RV, and motorcycle owners in the Centennial area with comprehensive and affordable insurance for years. As many of our satisfied customers can already attest to, CoWest Insurance Group-DTC is 100% committed to getting you the best insurance plan for your specific needs. We take the time to learn about both you and your vehicle and are consistently refining our insurance policies to find you the lowest insurance premium.

Protect your boat with CoWest Insurance Group-DTC.

While there are no federal or state laws that require your boat be insured, most marinas in the Centennial area will require proof of insurance to moor your boat.

Even if you have a private dock and years of experience on the high seas, it is always best to err on the side of caution. Don’t wait for an accident to make you realize how important it is to have your boat insured. Remember, you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

How much does boat insurance cost?

Insurance costs depend on a number of different factors, such as the value of your boat, the type and length of your boat, and your loss and claims history. After your boat and driving history is fully assessed by one of our boat insurance specialists, we will be able to tell you which policy is best suited for you.

Protect your RV with CoWest Insurance Group-DTC.

No two RV insurance policies are the same. There are many different RV insurance packages to choose from. Before purchasing an RV insurance policy, we at CoWest Insurance Group-DTC want to make sure you are making the right decision regarding your coverage plan. The best option for you depends on a number of different factors, such as the make, model, and condition of your RV. In order to provide you with the best coverage option for your specific needs our team uses the following checklist:
  • Will the RV owner want coverage for the items in their RV as well?
  • Does the RV owner live in their RV or is it used strictly for vacation?
  • What is the market value of their RV?
  • Will the RV be driven across state borders?
  • What is the age and driving history of the RV owner?
  • Is the RV only used seasonally?
Once one of our RV insurance specialists receives all the necessary information they need, they will be able to provide you the highest quality, comprehensive policy tailored specifically to fit your needs. Trust that our years of experience and our expansive knowledge regarding the many different RV insurance packages will guide you to the solution.

Protect your motorcycle with CoWest Insurance Group-DTC.

If you are an avid rider, you know the thrill and the sense of adventure that comes with riding a motorcycle. There is nothing like being out on the open road with the wind blowing through your hair. But, as you probably also know, riding a motorcycle comes with risks.

We at CoWest Insurance Group-DTC realize that there is no way to predict when an accident will occur, but in the unfortunate event an accident does happen, we want to make sure we have you fully covered.

As is the case with any type of insurance you buy, it is always best to meet with an insurance specialist to discuss which insurance plan is best for you. For example, if you only ride your motorcycle a few times a year you will be advised to purchase a different policy than someone who rides year-round. Likewise, living in a high-crime area will affect which insurance policy you purchase, as the risk of vandalism and theft are increased. Once one of our motorcycle insurance specialists receives all the necessary information they need, they will be able to provide you the highest quality, comprehensive policy tailored specifically to fit your needs.
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Umbrella Insurance

What is umbrella insurance?
Simply put, umbrella insurance is extra protection on top of your auto insurance, homeowner’s, or other insurance policies. You may be wondering why you need umbrella insurance. After all, you are already paying X amount of dollars for insurance plans and they seem adequate. We at CoWest Insurance Group-DTC understand your confusion when it comes to umbrella insurance and are happy to clear things up for you.

Your current insurance policy may only protect you for certain things at a certain level of liability. Umbrella insurance is designed to start where your other insurance policies stops. It can be a safety net against the following:
  • Libel
  • Defamation of character
  • Vandalism
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Injuries
  • Property damage
  • Certain lawsuits
  • False arrests
Why should I get Umbrella Insurance?

If you are a commercial business owner in the Denver area, it is extremely important that your business has an extra layer of protection. Unforeseen events, such as someone tripping and falling on your commercial property, can wind up costing you more money than it would have if you bought umbrella insurance. Not to mention the stress and aggravation that comes with having to find a reliable lawyer and attend court dates. Residential homeowners should consider purchasing an additional amount of liability coverage as well for similar reasons.

“Accidents happen”

Unfortunately, as you may already know, some accidents can be more costly than others, and in today’s economy, with damage claims on the rise, it is always best to err on the side of caution. When you choose to purchase umbrella insurance with CoWest Insurance Group-DTC you are choosing to protect your future assets – your children’s university funds, your retirement savings, etc.

Contact CoWest Insurance Group-DTC today and gain the peace of mind you deserve.

If you are in the Denver area and have questions about excess umbrella insurance or would like a competitive quote, please do not hesitate to contact us at 720.457.9457. We will be sure to let you know how we can set up an umbrella insurance policy that works in conjunction with your current insurance policy and specific needs.
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