Group Health Insurance

Experienced and committed group health insurers.

CoWest Insurance Group-DTC has extensive experience offering affordable group health insurance packages to any sized business in the Centennial region. Ask about our cost effective employee health benefits, secure in the knowledge that our commitment for providing value and service is based on fulfilling the needs of employers and offering practical coverage solutions in conjunction with advanced insurance products.

A variety of customized health benefit options.
Group insurance alternatives include:
  • Life and accident benefits
  • Dental Care and Medical coverage
  • Prescription Drug coverage
  • Emergency Travel Health insurance
  • Extended and critical Illness benefits
  • Medical reimbursement plans
  • Retirement health insurance plans
  • Specialty and Customized plans according to requirement
Practical health coverage solutions - superior, cost efficient group benefit products.

CoWest Insurance Group-DTC can provide customized group health insurance to any organization. Experts in finding the particular coverage most suitable for business owners and employers, our representatives provide assistance in the selection of health benefit packages for either small or larger groups. Group health insurance provides financial protection for employees and also allows employers to attract and retain competent staff that helps to maintain steady work productivity and avoid high turnover rates.

Informed insurance experts provide immediate assistance to employers.

Health Insurance plans are offered at competitive rates by knowledgeable representatives available to address concerns, provide solutions and customize the most appropriate insurance packages for your business.

For more information on the benefits of group health insurance from CoWest Insurance Group-DTC contact your local representative in the Centennial area by calling 720.457.9457.
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Dental and Vision Insurance

CoWest Insurance Group-DTC offers affordable group supplementary health care plans that ensure the overall health of your employees and promote the stability of your business. Standard vision benefit plans offer basic or specialized prescription eye care products and medical procedures. Dental coverage group benefits include preventative plans and/or coverage for restorative and orthodontic work.

Basic maintenance to major restorative – benefit plans that suit your business!

Whether you require routine care or major procedures for your employees, CoWest Insurance Group-DTC dental benefit plans help cover the cost of dental and vision care provided by licensed practitioners and trained medical personnel. Claims are sent and processed directly from the dentist’s office eliminating extra paperwork for your administrators so you can take care of business while we manage your benefits.

Eye care protection for your Centennial employees.

Employee vision coverage offers a variety of flexible plans as part of your overall healthcare benefit package and include:
  • Prescription eyeglasses
  • Contact lenses
  • Lenses
  • Frames
  • Prescription sunglasses
  • Laser eye surgery
  • Regular eye exam
Customized group dental insurance coverage.

Dental health care coverage can be provided to your employees with basic or specialized features that may include any of the following:
  • Preventative
  • Routine examinations
  • Major restorative
  • Orthodontic care
Premiums and benefit percentages can vary according to the financial objectives of your company and the requirements of group members. Practical and affordable, CoWest Insurance Group-DTC group dental and vision care insurance helps to protect the health of your employees and ultimately promotes the well-being of your entire business. Contact a Centennial representative for more information and to tailor the most cost efficient plan for your Centennial company.
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Life and AD&D Insurance

CoWest Insurance Group-DTC protects your plan members by providing life insurance that protects their financial security in the event of a death, or that of a dependent. Accidental death coverage includes benefits with added financial protection for sudden and unexpected loss of life or disfigurement. Practical Group protection for your employees made affordable to your Centennial organization is available today.

Customized plans - automatic payroll deduction.

Flexible and affordable, Group Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance from CoWest Insurance Group-DTC can form the basis of a solid employee benefits package that provides varying allowance levels for employees and their dependents. Premiums are deducted directly from the payroll and additional coverage can be customized for members if required. Benefits can be based on standard amounts or calculated according to salary. Plans are customized for any sized business and number of employees.

The right coverage for your employees.

Options include:
  • Employee Term Life (with benefits up to $500,000 and $1,000,000 for accidental death)
  • Dependent Term Life
  • Universal Term Life
  • Optional Life
  • Group Life Conversion
  • Accidental Death and Disfigurement
Benefits in the event of accidental death.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance can be added in conjunction with basic Group Life insurance. This coverage provides plan members with extra financial support in the event of sudden and accidental loss of hearing, speech, sight, paralysis or disfigurement or dismemberment.

CoWest Insurance Group-DTC representatives can assist you in planning the most cost efficient benefit plans for your business or organization to ensure that your Centennial group members are properly protected.
Contact a representative for further information: 720.457.9457
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Disability Insurance

CoWest Insurance Group-DTC's financial advisors customize disability insurance plans to meet any personal or business coverage requirements. A recognized insurance provider in the Denver region offering comprehensive benefit options, CoWest Insurance Group-DTC disability protection alleviates financial insecurity and ensures peace of mind in the event of an accident or illness.

Complete disability protection.

When the ability to earn an income is jeopardized or eliminated entirely, only appropriate disability coverage can safeguard against financial devastation for both individuals and/or employers. Statistics reveal that approximately one third of North Americans will experience an accident or prolonged disability that interferes with normal functioning for a period of 90 days or more during an average lifespan. The probability for misfortune usually occurs before retirement age making suitable disability insurance coverage essential.

Affordable insurance coverage that meets your needs.

CoWest Insurance Group-DTC offers several personal and business disability insurance products for professionals, business owners and / or employees in the Denver region. Plans are available with standard, optional or specialty benefit features.

Basic coverage can be customized or modified according to specific requirements that range from standard benefits, to the most comprehensive protection plans available. Benefits include coverage for:

  • Long term and recurrent disability
  • Catastrophic disability
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Transplant surgery
  • Survivorship
Customized benefit plans - easy payment options.

Affordable and available with easy payment options, disability insurance may be combined with other financial benefit plans to further enhance protection and financial security. CoWest Insurance Group-DTC's advisors are available now to discuss the many alternatives provided with monthly benefit payments and special cash flow programs.
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Long Term Care

Long term health care insurance provides financial support and resources to any employee in order to maintain the basic necessities of life in the event of a long term disability. CoWest Insurance Group-DTC group plans ensure that employees are provided an income source if they qualify for long term coverage and are unable to work for an extended period of time.

Providing your employees with long term health coverage is a practical option for any sized business. CoWest Insurance Group-DTC offers a wide range of features that can replace a percentage of an employee’s earnings while allowing administrators to define and select from short or long term disability plans.

A variety of options for long term care coverage.

Long term care insurance can function as a core component to an employee benefit package. CoWest Insurance Group-DTC representatives can help tailor the precise terms and options available for this segment of your group coverage plan in accordance with your budget and business objectives. Whether you choose options that include additional insurance purchased by the employee, specific maximum payments, or opt to combine coverage with other medical services and prescription drug allowances, our advisors can help to determine the plan that best suits your organization and workforce.

Protecting your business from fraud.

CoWest Insurance Group-DTC works with businesses and health care professionals in the Denver region to support the well-being of affected employees and facilitate their return to work. Employers have access to services which can monitor an employee’s condition as well as ensuring adequate medication and treatment to ensure a speedy recovery and return to regular work and daily activity.

To speak to a Denver region advisor about long term health insurance for your business call 720.457.9457.
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Retirement Plans

CoWest Insurance Group-DTC in Centennial provides a wide range of products and services to meet your financial objectives during retirement. Financial investment portfolios specifically designed for income security and protection at retirement can be customized to suit you requirements. Nest egg savings plans, Setting aside funds for education, Business investing or even financially planning for a once in a lifetime vacation during later years.

Retirement protection.

If you are planning for retirement or already retired, CoWest Insurance Group-DTC's financial advisors can assist you in making the best investments to safeguard your financial security. The most appropriate combination of investments can be customized with a variety of options that include:
  • Mutual Funds
  • Registered retirement savings plans
  • Registered education savings plans
  • Registered retirement income funds
  • Tax free savings accounts
  • Guaranteed interest option and payout annuities
  • Specialized retirement planning solutions
Trusted financial advisors.

CoWest Insurance Group-DTC's advisors provide comprehensive assistance on the various pension plans and ways to minimize taxes. Practical solutions are tailored to complement your particular goals and maximize existing assets. Our financial consultants can provide innovative solutions that are flexible, and will ensure a solid income stream, as well as offering options for surviving spouses and additional investment opportunities and financial benefits.

Regardless of your particular financial profile, CoWest Insurance Group-DTC is dedicated to helping Centennial individuals achieve financial security for their retirement planning.

Easy access helpful information.

Please email us with any questions you may have. A trusted advisor will contact you shortly to answer any questions and help determine the retirement strategy most suitable for you. Or call a CoWest Insurance Group-DTC specialist directly at 720.457.9457.
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Life and Health Insurance

CoWest Insurance Group-DTC specializes in providing Group life and health care benefit plans that are customized to meet the requirements of your workforce or group members. For either small businesses or larger companies, our packages are tailored to offer you the most affordable and practical employee coverage available.

Practical employee benefit packages tailored to your company.

If you need a reasonable and realistic solution that still provides essential employee coverage, CoWest Insurance Group-DTC has innovative and practical solutions for your employee benefit package that will maintain your financial objectives while simultaneously fulfilling your obligation to group plan members.

Specializing in offering a wide range of group life insurance options and health care plans tailored to the requirements of Denver companies, our representatives are waiting to assist you in choosing the optimal coverage mix for your business.

Trusted advisors - prompt service.

CoWest Insurance Group-DTC employee benefit packages are customized to contain core and optional features. Choosing the best alternatives within your budgetary limits is made easy with a simple application process and helpful and knowledgeable advisors that can set up plans for your members promptly.

Primary life and group health insurance options include:
  • Group life (many options)
  • Term life
  • Accidental death or disfigurement
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Vision care
  • Optional supplementary health care and spending accounts
  • Travel insurance
  • Critical illness
  • Long or short term disability
  • Survivor benefits
  • Other specialized health care and life insurance options
CoWest Insurance Group-DTC understands that you have worked hard to build your business. Our practical employee benefits plans are meant to enhance your success and promote the growth of any organization. Contact us for more information today.
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